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The Iraqi Independent Film Center (IIFC) is an independent Iraqi film commission.

Its main objective is to raise the level of cinematic culture in Iraq, which has deteriorated due

to the difficult situation Iraq has passed and is still passing via the active promotion, development

and enhancement of cinema to overcome the present cultural crisis. In addition, IIFC aims at

enforcing modern concepts in the work of the Iraqi film industry such as concepts and know

how of production and finance / cultural and cinematic support in all its forms as well as to work

on the details of film distribution based on international models.

The IIFC works on the production, publication and circulation of printed works on cinema to raise public

awareness to the culture of cinema.

The IIFC promotes an independent cinematic identity and the respect for its independence. It hopes to

prevent filmmakers from becoming tools in media facilities under the obedience of any authority.

The IIFC promotes the reconstruction and development of movie theaters in cultural and trading

centers according to international specifications.

The first steps towards the Iraqi Independent Film Center

The first commission of the Iraqi Independent Film Center was formed after the first preparation

meeting The decision was made that the members of the commission will be elected according to

 their history and efficiency in their work in cinema from different cinematic specializations.

This commission will be responsible for the preliminary preparations to set up the program and

mechanism of the center as well as its detailed working schedule; to register the center as an

organization of civil society in Iraq; to form a preliminary plan for the mechanism of film production

according to modern programs for film project funding and financing. The IIFC will start producing

long, medium and short feature films, documentaries for cinema release, as a second step the IIFC

will publish and promote inted and electronic cinema publications, as its third stage the IIFC will

aim at marketing and distributing produced films to promote Iraqi cinema locally, regionally and

internationally as well as to self-sustain the center from possible profits and donations.

The IIFC will be a space for open and free exchange of opinions, ideas, creativity and knowhow

for Iraqi filmmakers and their critics to activate the role of Iraqi cinema in society and to

form and characterize a new face for modern Iraqi films.



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